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What We Offer

There are many things to do while on vacation and we offer a variety of options for your family, some of which might not be fishing. (Can you Imagine?)

Here are a few of our services with brief descriptions but for the full bug,

Call Cap'n Doug.


Siesta Key Sea Turtle Pontoon Cruises
Dolphin at Sea
Eco Nature Tour 
$450~3 Hours
up to 4 Guests
We Have Everything!
Assorted Beverages & Cooler with Ice.
Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 8.26.12 PM.png

Our Most Popular Trip

We are blessed with many Mangrove Islands 

that hold a vast assortment of Wild Seabirds,

Local Manatees and playful Dolphin.  

Cruise the local waters,

lay back and enjoy

the natural sounds and sights.

Beverages & Healthy Snacks Provided

Low Stress and Minimal Activity Required 

Sand Dollar Island Shelling Charter
Nature / Shelling Tour
Sand-Dollar Islands $450~3 Hours
up to 4 Guests
We Have Everything! Assorted Beverages & Cooler with Ice.

Nature Tours & Sandbar Hopping

Sand-dollars, Sea-Horse, Urchins, Sea-Stars, and an assortment of Sea Shells fit for any necklace.

Usually heading for The Big Island, in search of cool shells and fun times.

Beverages & Healthy Snacks Provided

Low Stress and Minimal Activity Required 

Pirate Flag
Nature Tours & Birding trips
Lil Pirate
Treasure Hunt  
$450~3 Hours
Family with Small Children (6pp)
Aargh! We Have Everything!
Drinks, Candy!
Bottled Water, Cooler with Ice.
Eye Patches, Pirate Hats
Yee Ole
"Treasure Map in a Bottle"

Check Out These Cool Videos!

Ahoy, Me Hearties!  Step on ye Ole Sea Turtle and get ready for adventure! There are treasures hidden on the local islands, one is called Pirate's Cove!

Watch Out!

Birthday Parties Welcome. 

Call Cap'n Doug for Some cool birthday Ideas.

CheeseBurger In Paradise Tour.jpg
CheeseBurger In Sarasota Paradise
$525~4 Hours
up to 4 Guests
We Have Everything!
"All Sorts of Drinks" 
Bottled Water, Cooler with Ice.
Cheeseburgers & Fries at a local restaurant on the water.

Hey Now! Phish & Dead Heads!

It's Time To Par-Tay!

Cruise the local sandbars and chill with One of the Coolest Cats Around, 

Cap'n Doug

Beverages, Music , Party Favors,

Cheeseburgers w/ Fries Included 

 Cool Adult Birthday Idea

"Get Faded On The Sandbar"

Seabirds Everywhere! Come Photo Them
SeaBird Rookery 
$450~3 Hours
up to 4 Guests
We Have Everything! Assorted Beverages & Cooler with Ice.
Photographer Friendly Lots of Space for Tripods
Yucatan Penninsula
Image by Steve Medwin

Great for Photographers and Serious Birders alike, the local Sea Bird Rookery, just south of the North Bridge will provide hours of bird watching and photography.

Roseate Spoonbills, Osprey, Pellicans, Blue Herons, so many more birds in their

natural nesting environment

Captain Doug Ricciardi of The Siesta Key Sea Turtle, specializes in family-friendly adventures suitable for all ages and abilities. With his upbringing in a large Italian family, Doug intuitively understands children's dynamics, ensuring their minds are intrigued and engaged during nature exploration. Operating both the 24ft Godfrey Pontoon "The Siesta Key Sea Turtle" and the modern catamaran hull boat, the Phat Katt II, Doug ensures maximum power and a quiet ride for a comfortable experience. Whether cruising on Sarasota's waters, teeming with diverse wildlife, or exploring the surrounding areas, there are exciting opportunities for discovery year-round.

Reservations 941.587.6150

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